“Helping you Gain Admission to Top Colleges and Universities” – SA Consultants

Have you completed your standard education? Wondering about how your career will move and in what direction? Do you want to Study Abroad? How can you get admission to the top Universities in your dream destination? SA Consultants is here to answer all your questions.

Well, the decision to study abroad after your standard education for Indian students is always a good idea as the opportunities are endless to develop your career.

Let us discuss in detail how to study abroad after your standard education and how SA Consultants can help you:

Career Counseling:

What am I really going to do? Which university is recognized and has high placement records? These questions and concerns can be daunting at times and we at SA totally understand this.

We give emphasis to your priorities and guide you keeping your ambitions in mind. We are just a call away!

Student Profile Analysis:

Applying for overseas education involves a lot more than just filling out an application form. A student would not want to land up in a country or with a course not suited to his/her needs.

At SA, you are invited for a 360 degrees course cum country planning session with our qualified counselors who shall match your career aspirations and academic interest with the best-suited university.

Course/University Selection & Admission Assistance:

Which Country should you study in? Which university is recognized and has high placement records? Whether you want to study in Canada, Australia, UK and Ireland etc.

SA Consultants will provide you details about the Country, its city and its top Universities for your chosen program. We have sent students to various world-class universities and colleges in the UK, Malaysia, Australia, Poland, China, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and Canada etc.

Financial Aid & Scholarship

Study abroad experience seems exciting but it is often expensive for Indian Students.

Those students who wish to study abroad but worried about funds, SA Consultants is here to help you manage your finances and get a scholarship.

Visa Guidance

When it comes to studying abroad, no matter where you want to study, you will have to make sure that you secure a student visa.

The application process for a study abroad student visa can be confusing as it is different for different countries.

Pre-Departure Briefing & Post-Arrival Assistance


  Your adventure abroad is approaching!

The pre-landing services that we provide would ensure that all documents required for the admission and the journey are prepared in its right manner. Our service offers you the best guidance to prepare the documents according to the mandate so that students could prepare the necessary documents at ease.